Art is a journey to connect with my inner self and the universe. A state of freedom; a meditative process.
It is a quest to discover who we are. I am passionate about nature, exploring it through the four elements. They are everything that exists. These elements go beyond the physical, manifesting as personality traits and energetic forces. They are constantly changing and blending: many phenomena occur and many colours, light and shapes arise. With my artwork I have the opportunity to reflect this process in my own way. Human existence and its evolution are my other source of inspiration. Coming from an architectural background, geometry is, for me, a natural form of expression. I create powerful structures, instinctually motivated to delve deeper, savouring the process of choosing and evolving the colours. For me colour offers the possibility to awaken sensations that will lead to deeper knowledge. I am aware that each spectator will feel and absorb the potentiality of colour in their own way, evoking the essential nature of this inner journey. This creative process is a fascinating experience where I find fulfilment and gratitude.


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